How to make green tea

How to make green tea that doesn’t taste bitter

Learning how to make green tea is very important in these difficult times. When our days are overburdened with the workload and evenings are ruined because of work-life imbalance. A good cup of green tea will ease your mind and can help you relax and think better. But before going for that cup of green tea, ask your self these questions!

Are you a tea lover but not a green tea lover? Have you ever made green tea but didn’t like the taste? Or you just don’t like the idea of drinking a bitter beverage. Well, that makes two of us.

I felt exactly the same way a few years ago. The Idea of tea for me was either a cup of Chai or a black tea with lemon and sugar. And then I accidentally figured out a method which I perfected with the help of a tea master. I am going to tell you that secret today.

Shhhh..! But only if you would promise me, to guide this secret over your life.

I think that went too far. Ok just tell your partner, or your friends, or everyone. I don’t care. The only thing I care about is that people should not drink horrible tea.

So let’s get those tea leaves from that shelve which are sitting over there for ages.

How to make green tea at home (best recipe of green tea)

  1. 1 tsp / 2gram Good quality tea leaves (you can use teabags but I don’t recommend)
  2. 180 ml of water
  3. 1 Tea Strainer
  4. 1 Tea Pot or a saucepan with lid (anything with a lid will work here)
  5. · 1 Timer or Stopwatch


  1. To make good green tea first you need good quality leaves. I personally do not recommend using teabags as they contain lowest grade leaves. But if you do not like to clean up tea leaves after making or you need to drink in the office. Then you can use teabags. But in that case, I would advise you to buy those fancy pyramid tea bags with whole leaves of tea in them.
  2. If you don’t have any of these and you only have the regular tea bags, don’t worry you will still make a better tea than you made last time with them.
  3. First, put the water on the stove. I personally recommend fresh mountain water but if you live in an urban jungle then get that filter water from the kitchen.
  4. Strain the tea leaves to get rid of any dust and impurities then put them in the teapot.
  5. Meanwhile regularly check the water. It should not get to the boiling temperature.
  6. The ideal temperature of water for green tea is when you see tiny bubbles at the bottom. This stage of water is called the fisheyes temperature (85°C).
  7. Going further from the fisheyes temperature will destroy the drink and you will be left with a bitter cup without any green tea benefits.
  8. Pour the water over tea from a distance. Pouring it from a distance will create motion among the leaves and they will unfurl and release their full flavor.
  9. cover the teapot with lid and set the timer to 90 seconds exactly.
  10. After the 90 seconds, strain the leaves quickly and pour the green tea into a cup. Now you have the perfect cup of green tea.

Most Important Tip to make good green tea

The secret behind the best cuppa is not to let the water temperature go above 85°C (Fish eyes). It will ruin your tea and will make it bitter for no good reason.

1 thought on “How to make green tea that doesn’t taste bitter”

  1. Oh Wow!
    I feel a bit out-of-touch.
    Here in the US, we mostly buy production line, mass produced tea. The typical process is drop the tea bag in, pour BOILING water over it, and drink when it’s not too hat anymore. The teabag swims in the cup till it’s empty.
    Not only are we priveledged, barbaric, arrogant and fat, we are also clueless!.

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