Assam Green Tea


This beautiful Assam green tea, blended with utmost care to give you a perfect cup. our perfectly rolled whole leaves of green tea will unfurl in your pot to give you an exceptional experience.
  • Aroma: Fragrant, brisk and woodsy
  • Palate: Strong, Distinct, muscatel character
  • Caffeine: High Anti-oxidants and low caffeine
  • Place of origin: Assam
  • Ingredients: Green Tea From Assam

Strong Full-bodied and brisk green tea with a malty flavor and bright color. A Tea From one of the largest tea growing region in the world. It has a well known unique earthy taste. Tea from Assam gardens is known for its bold leaves and strong powerful after taste. So, say no to your regular green tea can be disappointing to drink every day. This Assam Green tea will bring complexity to your cup with its bold and stimulating taste. 

Make a perfect cup by reading our green tea recipe.


50 gram, 20 Tea Pyramids, 50 Tea Pyramids


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